Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI and Machine learning uses methods from statistics, operations research, neural networks to find intelligent insights from your data without requiring it to be programmed manually.

With Anomaly, run AI-based ML models anywhere across the cloud and on premises, with algorithms that have their own intelligence.

Predictive Analytics

Uncover potential risks and opportunities using statistical techniques

With Predictive analytics, turn your valuable data into actionable steps.

We use data to determine the outcome of any certain events, and the probability of any situation recurring. We do so using techniques from machine learning, data mining and modelling, all of it backed by a strong AI support system. These statistical techniques help us analyze current and past events to make predictions, backed with research for the occurrence of any future event.

Deep Learning with Sensor Data Analytics

Faster anomaly detection with Sensor Data and Analytics

Anomaly helps your business simplify complex problems and easily deploy learning models across platforms. Deep learning uses a programmable artificial neural network that enables machines to make accurate and intelligent decisions without human interruption.

Get a hybrid, data analytics framework that is built to collect, process, and analyze data collected from sensors and IoT devices.

Enable deep analytics for your business including error detection, prediction of failure, route optimization, and many more. Get real-time actionable insights from Sensor Data Analytics Powered by AI.

Recommender Engine System and AI

Boost essential metrics such as CTRs and conversions with Recommender Engine System in AI.

User Experience can give your business an edge over the others. That is why it is essential to deliver an experience that your users expect out of you.

Recommender Engine System helps you deliver that positive user experience, which translates to customer satisfaction and user retention. It is made possible with the help of three filtering techniques- content-based, collaborative, and knowledge-based.

Computer Vision

Empower your machines to interpret Real-time data with videos and pictures from surroundings.

Computer vision enables computers to see, observe and understand. Derive the necessary data from visual inputs and take actions based on the real-time interpretation of the surroundings.

Natural language processing

Build smart apps with natural language processing

Explore the power of artificial intelligence and computer science with Natural Language Processing designed to understand human language into its elemental pieces, evaluate its meaning and resolve the ambiguity.

What you achieve

Cloud Native

Improved workflow


Reliable insights


Accurate predictions


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The world is changing and your business must adapt to the changing tide or become yet another statistic like many others.

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