Digital Transformation

Embrace the technological advancements to transform digitally for better business outcomes.
With Anomaly, leverage cross-platform development capabilities, data, communication, and insights
to fast-track your digital transformation.

Less than 1% of data in businesses is analyzed and turned into benefits.

Let’s change that today: Create a 360 - degree digital impact with a custom catered cohesive digital strategy.
The Need for Digital Transformation- Creating a Business model where Digital meets Physical. Digital has become
the currency today due to businesses adopting digital technologies. Ensure your business processes
resonate to your customer’s needs, convenience and deliver services to meet their expectations.

Anomaly offers you digital transformation services like Custom Software Development, Monoliths to Microservices Transformation,
Cloud-Native development, Front End development to build a structured path for your transformation journey.

We leverage data and insights from your business to create a custom made digital solutions for your business. Solutions
that complement and enhance your business objective and strategy.

Expedite your digital transformation strategy with Anomaly

Transformation takes place when technology, Data collection and collation, analytics, automation, and skills converge- creating
intelligent workflows to fundamentally change how work gets done.

Digital Transformation Solutions:

Custom Software

Custom Software Development

Mobile-cloud solutions, Scalable web and desktop solutions,
IoT integrated platforms, API management

Micro Servies

Monoliths to Microservices Transformation

We help your business with Mobile-cloud solutions,
Scalable web solutions, IoT integrated platforms, API management

Cloud Native

Cloud-Native development

We provide Serverless, SaaS, On-Prem solutions


Front End development

Micro front-end architectures, Connected devices frontends

Custom software development

The process of designing, building, integrating, scaling, and upgrading software solutions that help address the important needs
and achieve objectives of your business.

Anomaly delivers custom software development for your business for businesses of all sizes, be it a small scale start-up or a big MNC.
Our expertise across various technology stacks helps you to solve complex challenges with digital solutions.

Cloud Native

Mobile-cloud solutions


Scalable web and
desktop solutions


IoT integrated platforms


API management

Monoliths to Microservices Transformation

Adopting new technologies does not have to be a challenge, you can save time and rapidly move to the cloud using
Monoliths to Microservices Transformation with Anomaly. The microservice transformation enables the rapid,
frequent and reliable delivery of large, complex applications.

Build microservices with Anomaly

Anamoly's Monoliths to Microservices Transformation allows businesses to build apps on the cloud.

Cloud-Native development

Build a security-rich, scalable cloud-native platform, run, and operate cloud-native apps with Anomaly.
Embrace modern approaches to building applications.

Cloud- Native development approach to existing and new applications allows your business to leverage existing investments
while all along having the flexibility and scalability option of the cloud. Building applications on cloud- native approach
helps you deliver the innovation that your audience demands.

Front End development

Deliver deeper experiences for your users. The front end makes or breaks your product or service.

We provide front-end developments services. Our brilliant team of developers work on the design, graphics, usability
and creativity that is bound to impress and get your users hooked.

Front-end Development with Anomaly

Cloud Native

Custom Web Apps


UI/UX Design


Cross-platform Development


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The world is changing and your business must adapt to the changing tide or become yet another statistic like many others.

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