Internet of Things

Compose and extend apps that use data and analytics from connected devices and sensors.

IoT a multilayered platform allows organizations a straightforward approach to provisioning, management, and automation of devices connected within the IoT. It helps in connecting your hardware to the cloud using connectivity options that are flexible, safe and customized for every scenario. It also allows developers to speed up the application development process to a great extent.

Building Automation

Set up a custom made deployment and set-up strategy to make your premises a smart one with Anomaly.

With IoT, a network of devices, appliances, vehicles, and many others, are connected enabling these physical machinery to connect and exchange data. Today IoT has transformed automation and control by increasing efficiency, significantly raising productivity and leading the path to innovation and development. With the increased number of smart devices, choosing the right solution providers is necessary.

Smart Healthtech

Build smarter health care technologies with Anomaly

If anything this pandemic has made is the need for healthtech solutions evident. The healthcare sector has started to look at a way to better understand how technology can deliver better care to those who trust in them. Technologies like EHR and web based systems are offering many advantages for doctors and patients collectively.

Anomaly aims to reduce costs, save labour, and avoid errors in the healthtech industry.

Smart Factories

Digitally Transform your factories with Anomaly’s Industry internet of things (IIoT)

The new era demands better manufacturing and smart industry solutions. Smart factories allow managers to collect and analyze data to make better-informed decisions that ensure optimum use of resources and maximize production. Leveraging both wired and wireless connectivity, factories can monitor and manage processes remotely and alter production plans real-time.

Boost production, optimize human resources and save production costs with Anomaly’s IIoT solutions customized for industries and manufacturing units.

Retail Automation

Retail automation helps you deliver the elevated retail experience that your customers deserve.

Customer needs are evolving and so should the retail experiences. To compete with the competitive retail industries, companies need to empower their employees to streamline their workflow and develop a smooth and streamlined experience. Adapting futuristic technologies like touchless experiences, digital journeys and contactless checkouts will put your brand and retail experience into the competitive edge!


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The world is changing and your business must adapt to the changing tide or become yet another statistic like many others.

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